multiple-choice questions regarding PHP variables, along with their answers:

What does PHP stand for?

  • a) Hypertext Preprocessor
  • b) Personal Home Processor
  • c) Pretext Hypertext Preprocessor
  • d) None of the above

Answer: a) Hypertext Preprocessor 

Which of the following is the correct way of defining a variable in PHP?

  • a) $variable_name = value;
  • b) variable_name = value;
  • c) var variable_name = value;
  • d) define('variable_name', value);

Answer: a) $variable_name = value;

Which PHP function is used to set a cookie?

  • a) setcookie()
  • b) createCookie()
  • c) makeCookie()
  • d) storeCookie()
  • Answer: a) setcookie() 

Which PHP function is used to find the position of the last occurrence of a substring inside another string?

  • a) strrpos()
  • b) findLast()
  • c) lastIndexOf()
  • d) locateSubstring()

Answer: a) strrpos()

Which PHP function is used to reverse a string?

  • a) strrev()
  • b) reverseString()
  • c) flipText()
  • d) turnAroundText()

Answer: a) strrev()

Which PHP function is used to convert an English text datetime into a Unix timestamp?

  • a) strtotime()
  • b) convertDateTime()
  • c) dateToTimestamp()
  • d) timeStampFromDate()
  • Answer: a) strtotime() 

Which PHP function is used to calculate the product of an array?

  • a) array_product()
  • b) calcArrayProduct()
  • c) multiplyArrayValues()
  • d) computeArraySum()

Answer: a) array_product()

Which PHP function is used to get the ASCII value of a character?

  • a) chr()
  • b) getCharCode()
  • c) asciiValue()
  • d) charToAscii()

Answer: a) chr()

Which PHP function is used to unset a variable?

  • a) unset()
  • b) destroyVariable()
  • c) removeVariable()
  • d) deleteVariable()

Answer: a) unset()

Which PHP function is used to sort an array in descending order?

  • a) rsort()
  • b) descSort()
  • c) sortDescending()
  • d) arrangeDesc()

Answer: a) rsort()

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