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If you think trekking is only for the morning, you’re mistaken. skandagiri a hill near Bangalore, offers a unique night trekking experience under the moonlight. comprehensive information onĀ city events and tourist destinations in and around Bangalore. Also known as Kalavara Durga or Kalavara Betta, it stands at 1450 meters surrounded by the Nandi Hills. The trek includes a ruined fort, adding a spooky element to the adventure. The best part? You can spend the night at the hilltop, enjoying the stars and a bonfire for warmth.
Nandi Hills has a rich history spanning a thousand years, from royal patronage to Tipu Sultan’s rule. The impregnable fort, Nandidurg, was stormed by Lord Cornwallis in 1791, leading to continued government support. In modern times, the Department of Horticulture oversees a botanical garden atop the hill. Beyond its historical significance, Nandi Hills is vital for Bangalore’s water supply, housing the source of the Arkavathy River. The elevated location provides a climate distinct from Bangalore, attracting diverse birdlife, especially in winter. Best visited on cold mornings, the hill offers dramatic scenes with farmlands, winter fog, and clear vistas at the peak.The big jackpot for nature enthusiasts though is when they find the thrushes that the hills host during winters. The Blue-capped Rock Thrush, the Eurasian Blackbird, and the Orange-headed Thrush, alongwith the Malabar Whistling Thrush and the Pied Thrush, tend to be the big draws of Nandi Hills.

Quad Biking, Bangalore Overview:

Tired of daily traffic jams? Try something different! Ride an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and break free from regular roads, unleashing your adventurous side. In Bangalore, you have various options to enjoy the thrill of these powerful bikes. Whether you prefer a track, off-road adventures around Bangalore, or night trails, there’s something for everyone. Experience the excitement near Kanakpura Road or Nandi Hills with companies like Dirt Mania. The cost of Quad Bike Rides ranges from INR 500 to 5000, depending on the track, trail, and duration. For Night Trails, it’s recommended to pre-book. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience. Quadbiking Description Ramanagara is considered one of the closest trekking and adventure sports destination near Bangalore and is the perfect weekend getaway plan. The quad bike, Phoenix, is a sporty 200cc machine, that is ideal for a 7 km fun trail. Nature trails are fun and scenic and you could catch the sunset if you take the afternoon slot. . It is located 22 kilometers away from Bangalore and spreads over 1400 sq. 1.6 Wine Tour. 01:26. The Bannerghatta National Park is a sanctuary offering a wide variety of plants and animals unrestricted natural habitat to thrive safely.

Dandiganahalli Dam, Bangalore Overview:

Found in a peaceful area only 90 km away from Bangalore, Dandiganahalli Dam is an ideal day trip destination, providing a perfect getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle. Surrounded by lush hills, the dam offers tranquility and is known as an excellent spot to unwind and refresh. A lengthy wooden bridge extends over the water, providing stunning views of the surroundings. You can also engage in activities like bird watching and trekking in the nearby hills. It’s a serene place to relax and escape the city chaos.


If you’re in or near Bangalore, you shouldn’t miss a visit to Avalabetta. You’ve probably heard about the beautiful hills surrounding the area, but they often come with large crowds. Avalabetta, also known as “Nandi Hills without the crowd,” offers a similar scenic beauty without the hustle and bustle. It’s a perfect place to enjoy lush green trees and rocky landscapes without the noise. Standing at the hilltop, you can experience the magical views, especially during sunrise or sunset. It’s a peaceful spot to get away from it all and appreciate the tranquility.

Van Gogh 360:

Discover the amazing world of art at the Bhartiya Mall’s Van Gogh Experience in Bengaluru! For a whole month, anyone interested in art or just curious can step into the vibrant and swirling masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh. Using advanced technology, this special exhibition makes his art come alive, letting you walk through his famous works like “Starry Night” and “Sunflowers” in an immersive way.

Whether you visit on weekdays or weekends, the Van Gogh Experience gives you a peek into the artist’s dramatic life and his incredible artistic vision. Whether you’re a big fan of art or just want a unique and enriching experience, this event promises to be a memorable journey into the mind of the legendary artist. Don’t miss this opportunity to get up close and personal with Van Gogh’s genius

Hesaraghatta, Bangalore Overview:

Hesaraghatta Lake, situated 18 km northwest of Bengaluru in Karnataka, is a stunning freshwater lake and manmade reservoir. Built in 1894 over the Arkavathy River, it was constructed to meet the water needs of the city, including drinking water, irrigation, and other purposes. The lake, sprawling across more than 1000 acres, has become a popular retreat from the city.

While the lake remains dry for much of the year now, the lush green grasslands surrounding it compensate for it. Many tourists and locals visit this peaceful spot to escape the noise of the city and unwind in tranquility.

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