CSS Questions & Answers – Table Graphs, 2D Transforms, Boxing of Images & Constrained Image:

1. What is the default value of object-fit?

a) fill
b) contain
c) none
d) cover


2. Which value will compare the difference between none and contain?

a) contain
b) scale-down
c) none
d) cover


3. object-fit is not supported by _______

a) Chrome
b) IE
c) Opera
d) Firefox


4. Which of the following is a library for JavaScript?

a) Plotkit
b) List bar chart
c) Pie chart
d) Stacked bar graphs


5. Which of the following will rotate an element clockwise or counter-clockwise?

a) rotate()
b) skewX()
c) skewY()
d) matrix()


6.Which of the following increases or decreases the size of element?

a) skewX()
b) matrix()
c) scale()
d) skewY()


7.What skews an element along X and Y-axis?

a) skew()
b) skewX()
c) skewY()
d) matrix()


8. Which of the following uses AngulaJS?

a) d3 linegraph
b) Animated Donut chart
c) Infographic charts
d) CSS 3D animated chart

answer:-css 3D animated chart

9.Which CSS property defines the radius of an element’s corners?

  1. border-corner
  2. radius
  3. corner
  4. border-radius


10. Which CSS property allows you to specify an image to be used instead of the normal border around an element?

  1. border-image
  2. border-picture
  3. border-background
  4. border-bgimage


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