Different Between By Container And Container-Fluid Explain:

Container :

  • container just like a box that holds your website content.
  • It has a fixed width, which means it stays a certain size regardless of the screen size.
  • It’s like putting your content in a box with defined boundaries.


“Container-fluid is like a stretchy container that expands to take up the full width of the screen.
It adjusts its width based on the size of the screen, making it responsive.
It’s like pouring your content into a container that can grow or shrink depending on the screen size.

grid system :

  • Imagine your webpage as a big piece of paper, and you want to organize your content in a neat and structured way.
  • The grid system just like a set of invisible lines so that help you arrange and align your content on this virtual paper.

Responsive Layout:

  • The cool thing about the grid system is that it’s flexible. It can adjust based on the size of the screen, like fitting content nicely on both big computer screens and smaller phone screens.
  • This flexibility is important because people use all sorts of devices to browse websites.


for example it two-column layout, you’d create two columns in a row. Each column can hold different parts of your content……

for example with image:

thank you…………

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