How to generate SSH key in git hub with explain?

Step 1:-   Go to your c: drive and open git bash and run this command


2.Which location you want to save this if ok then click Enter Enter:

follow this instruction :-

Paste the text below, replacing the email used in the example with your GitHub email address.


1.Choosing a Place to Save Your Key:

  • When your computer asks where to save the new key, it’s like deciding where to put a special key in your house. By default, it suggests a place, and you can just press Enter to agree.
 Enter a file in which to save the key (/c/Users/YOU/.ssh/id_ALGORITHM):[Press enter]

Working with SSH key passphrases:

follow this step:

> Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): [Type a passphrase]
> Enter same passphrase again: [Type passphrase again].

When you generate your key, you’ll notice a file named ‘’ This is like the public version of your special key. Imagine it as the part you can show to others or share with a friend.

then open your notepad:

Select all copy this then Add SSH key and paste there:

your SSH key is successfully set:-

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