Commonly Asked TypeScript Interview Questions

 How many different layouts does Bootstrap have?

Bootstrap has 2 major layouts:

  1. Fluid: This layout is required for generating a 100 percent broader app that spans the entire screen width.
  2. Fixed: It is only used for a normal display. Both of these layouts can be combined to make a responsive design.

Give an example of a basic grid structure in Bootstrap.

Basic grid structure:

What is a Bootstrap progress bar?

In Bootstrap, progress bars can be easily created using HTML markup and Bootstrap’s predefined classes. Here’s a basic example of a Bootstrap progress bar:

<div class="progress">
  <div class="progress-bar" role="progressbar" style="width: 50%;" aria-valuenow="50" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuemax="100"></div>

 Why Bootstrap is preferred for website development over any other platform?

When compared to other web development platforms, Bootstrap provides more functionalities. It has significant browser support for practically all popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Web creation with Bootstrap is simple if you are familiar with CSS and HTM

 What is the difference between Bootstrap and Foundation?

  • Bootstrap:
  • Uses LESS as its primary preprocessor, but it also supports SASS properties.
  • Has a fixed-width grid layout.
  • Contains 12 JavaScript plugins.
  • Permits inline forms.
  • Foundation:
  • Utilizes SASS exclusively.
  • Employs a fluid layout.
  • Includes 16 JavaScript plugins.
  • Does not permit inline forms.

 What are collapsing elements in Bootstrap?

Yes, Bootstrap does indeed facilitate the collapsing element property through its components. Bootstrap provides a built-in component called the “Collapse” component, which allows you to hide and show content with a smooth animation.

The Collapse component in Bootstrap typically consists of a trigger element (such as a button or a link) and a content element that gets collapsed or expanded. When the trigger element is clicked, the associated content element toggles its visibility, either collapsing or expanding depending on its current state.