How to Link JavaScript to HTML?

To link javascript to HTML we have to use the Html tag. There are two ways to link javascript to Html

javascript code inside in for example:

Linking external javascript files using src attribute of the <script> tag, linking javascript is called external javascript.

HTML Script Tag:

the html script tag is  link the client-side javascript to HTML.

note:-, it’s a pair of opening(<script>) and closing (</script>) tags.

Embed (inline) JavaScript Example:

To embed javascript in Html we have to wrap our javascript code in between the opening() tag.


Where to Place the Script Tag (embedded javascript):

  • head section
  • body section

head section:-To load the javascript before loading the Html document itself, we reference the javascript code inside the of the Html document.

for example:

Link External JavaScript files:-

to link exernal javascript to write the scripting logic inside to seprate file(.js extension)

the types of Attribute:

The type attribute is an attribute of <script> tag.


In CSS we use attribute selectors to target specific HTML elements,

the shown in for example:

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